CDI Scholar Check-In: Julie Kwong Goes to Princeton

Julie Kwong (photo by Rob Crue)

Over the course of the next year, two of our Scholars–Julie Kwong and Mauricio Novoa–have agreed to deliver bi-weekly check-ins for posting here on the blog. Today we publish the first of these, by Princeton freshman Julie Kwong. In this post she discusses her transition to college life.

Within the past three weeks, I completed all of the necessary assignments for Princeton, including the Freshmen seminar application essay and language placement test. I am satisfied with the results of the placement test, as I am placed in Spanish 105; by the end of this year, I will have completed the language requirement and have the ability to sign up for different classes for the next school year. In addition, I applied for a Federal Work Study job on campus and even spoke to the coordinator of the job I applied for.
           Since I need to complete about 290 hours (assuming a pay rate of $10 per hour) to satisfy the allotted $2900 for federal work study, I may have to work around 9 hours a week. I am a little bit worried, though, because I am sure I will have a lot of time-consuming work for my classes as well and would like to participate in a couple extracurricular activities. I am excited nonetheless for the job opportunity!
            I have been spending a lot of my time navigating the university website and learning more about college life and academics, and I’ve been an active questioner in the class Facebook group. Also, I have been packing for both a camping trip and for college living and, quite honestly, I had no idea I would need to bring so many things! This week has definitely been bittersweet; I gathered with family and friends to celebrate my departure on Saturday. I am really looking forward to starting this journey, but I will also miss seeing the people I love everyday.

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